Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Things that The Boy Will Not Eat (Updated 9/2)

Chicken prepared in any manner (including covered with cheese/broiled/Boston Marketed)
Nuggets of any variety (including chicken, soy, cod, and now, it goes without saying, spinach)
Pork (including ham)
Scrambled/hard boiled/fried/deviled eggs
Halibut, Tilapia, Grouper, Salmon

Cheese (unless it is on top of a Dominos Pizza)

Any pasta not shaped like a spiral or an elbow

Ranch Dressing
Pasta Sauce
Peanut Butter

Beans of any variety (including baked)
Corn (loose OR on the cob)
Potatoes (mashed, baked, or fried)
Red, Orange, Green, or Yellow Peppers
Cucumber seeds (he will nibble around the center)

Any non-Fuji variety of apple
Green grapes

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Anonymous said...

Eggs maybe? That's the only kind of protein I can get into Lil Blue. Some days I think she is some kind of Spanish Moss that can absorb nutrients from the air. Because she sure isn't getting them from a diet consisting of Gerber Puffs and goldfish.

Manager Mom said...

Nope, no eggs either. ADDED TO LOST

Jenny said...

I'm sorry, that must be frustrating. On the other hand, your comment about sending the spawn to DeVry made me laugh out loud! : )

Eve Grey said...

One of my twin boys will eat NO fruits, nothing, nada, never has. He loves all dairy & crabs. The other is practically a freakin' vegan. Meal times are fun-diddly-un.

Jo MacD said...

My cousin ate nothing but Vegemite and cheese sandwiches from age 2 until he hit his teens - then he started eating everything in sight. His mother's an amazing gourmet cook and tried all manner of gastronomic delights that he rejected out of hand. He's now studying advanced maths and chemistry at Sydney University and worked as Hugh Jackman's body double in the filming of the latest Wolverine movie (seriously). So one thing I've learned - don't sweat it. Put some bread/pasta/yoghurt/home made strawberry milkshake with a secret egg & yoghurt thrown in/whatever in front of him, say "hey kid, take it or leave it" and if it worries you to think about how much he eats - don't watch. If he's hungry, he'll eat, and the less attention paid, the better. If we're lucky our sons will end up half as smart and funny as my cousin, and the girls are totally all over him too :)

Dora said...

Yikes -- those Kinderplace sign-in sheets are bringing back strange flashbacks!

Cocotte said...

At first, I thought that note said "fried salami" and I was like, WTF kind of day care do you send your kid to?

Sympathies to you - and my teens will only eat certain shapes of macaroni & cheese. It never ends!

Indy said...

I am with you. People who have children that eat have no idea. It is so hard to cook. I feel your pain.

Dianna said...

Am I right in assuming that the list of things the boy WILL eat is considerably shorter than the WILL NOT eat list?

I'm sure it's a nightmare...I'm sorry I laughed as hard as I did (actually I'm still laughing....I don't mean it...really)

Eve Grey said...

LOL, I just wandered over here and saw my comment. All dairy & crabs?!?? Um, I meant carbs!

Brite Mist said...

so what does he eat?